Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Flowery Party Dress

Got this super flowery fabric and wanted to make it into a beautiful dress for the girls. Due to bright colours in fabric I toned it down a little with black fabric added to bodice and hem. I then added two peach buttons to the bodice for added detail.
Made the dress a bit longer than necessary because the girls don't need another dress but I just cant get over sewing for them!! So in a years time it will still be their size

Bodice is standard bodice I self drafted.(I found the fit better than the commercial pattern fit) Used 3/4 sleeves adapted from a regular sleeve pattern. I find that most commercial sleeve patterns fit very well into various armholes, both for ladies and children.
The skirt is cut with a slant to the sides to give it a more full look as opposed to just gathering a rectangle long fabric.

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Green Lace Dress

Made this green lace dress. Altered the bodice by cutting off the top part of the lace.
Used a green lace fabric and a lime green fabric as the lining. I then interlined the two fabrics together and overlocked the inside of the fabric. So it looks like its not lined on the inside.

I love this dress. The girls love it too.
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Monday, 29 September 2014

Denim House Dress

Got a beautiful blue denim fabric and I wanted to put my stamp on it.
Decided to fast forward the making to coincide with Project run and play.
Found a similar house design on Pinterest which is what I used.

Worn with a belt.

My girls always like to specify what they want and I noticed lately they like a bit of drama or detail on their clothes. I decided to flow with their detailing so that they can continue to wear what I make them. Found this similar house dress in Pinterest.

Used a standard bodice design and decided on long sleeveless with the colour detail due to approaching cold weather. Stand rectangle fabric gather to make the skirt, Cut out the shapes, interfaced both houses and main fabric at the back and sewed it on with my zigzag stitches on machine. Used three different colours for the dress for added colour.

Did you notice the funny looking collar? ha, yes, am working on collars, didn't quite get it right. It was self drafted.....

Stay tuned as the butterfly dress and the cupcake dress is coming up soon.....
All in all, I'm happy girls are happy. Win Win.
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Green and white flower girls dress.

 My sister got married over the summer and I made the girls flower girls dresses.
Dress is similar to the yellow dress I made for their birthday pictures below. Used green belts because green was one of the wedding colours.
Used two fabric types for this. cream duchess satin for the top and the rosette fabric for the skirt.
Built the top then used one piece rectangle rosette fabric for the skirt.
Folded the skirt up and hand hemmed.
The happy flower girls

Children with granparents

My Crew
No, I didn't make the dress/outfit I was wearing for the wedding. Funny thing is I did make my dress for the wedding then I left it at home and had to borrow a dress from my mum!!

There you have it. 
Till another project comes my way....