Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Fabric Stash and Organisation.

This is where I keep my fabric stash. Got this drawers from IKEA and each fabric box has quite a big capacity for the fabric, I make sure that I fold them and stuff them into the box. The fabrics are sorted into fabric types. Each cabinet is made up of four drawers so this is basically four cabinets together.
I decided to go for small cabinets this gives me the flexibility to move them to other rooms or rearrange them as I please.

Cross section  of fabric.

 I still have other fabrics laying in boxes. So ashamed of the quantity of fabric I have. Hoping I can destash instead of going on fabric shopping, which I find therapeutic!!  :(

Hope this gives you an idea for fabric storage.


  1. Great minds think alike! I just put my 9-cube shelf together (ala Target) and stuffed my fabric into the bins!!!!! The only problem is my cat took a liking to one of the draws and began clawing it!!!!!! I think I'm going to make a curtain out of oilskin to drape over the front to prevent her from scratching!!!! You can get so much into those bins!!!!

    1. Lol. Your cat makes me laugh. I have also actually thought of covering the whole cabinet with a fabric curtain. This is because the cabinet is not exactly located in a live-in area so am thinking dust might settle on the fabrics over time.... hopefully I'll get to fabric first before the dust!!!

  2. May I come shop in your stash! Beautiful fabrics! And I love those square's instead of the standard rectangle shelving!!

    1. Oh, I wish!! Once gave my sewing friend a birthday gift of shopping my stash and as she picked the fabrics I held my breath!! ha ha, it was so funny. "Beautiful fabrics" that's exactly the problem why I keep buying. Thanks for your comment Ashley


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