Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My sewing room, Mannequin plus vintage machine

My sewing room can be better described as my sewing room/ the children's play room.
I had to get the space when my juki came along. its does needs a space of its own. This has removed the need for me to 'set up' and 'set down' each time i get to use my machines.

I use the dinning table for my cutting.

My ladies... Ava (child) and Mia (adult) mannequin. 
Lets talk about the ladies!! This are my best girls. they are always there when i need a fitting. The lady mannequin is just 1" bigger than me in the bust, stomach and hips. its so close to real life. Anything that fits Mia fits me too.
The girl mannequin is for 3-5 year old and my daughters are three. When the gilrs dont want to do a fitting, i'll just say don't worry ava will do it and the girl in question would agree. :)
Got both mannequins off ebay.

My 1930's Singer

I love my vintage machine. It was built like an industrial, taking into consideration the heavy weight, 13.6kg or 30lbs and its mechanism of operation. It is the most silent machine I have ever encountered. The stitch quality is above others. It comes with a range of feet which means it could also do a variety of operations.
I do not however use this machine. It is my machine to be admired!! How many machines can a girl use at the same time anyway. However hopefully in the nearest future when I have my own dedicated sewing room/office then this baby will be out to use.

More on my fabrics and method of storage...

Nice to see you around.


  1. I love your sewing room--it looks so pretty with all the windows & also very organized. Sewing machines can be an addiction can't they? I think you have a wonderful collection of machines for every type of project.

    1. Thanks. yes they can be an addiction. My Husband makes fun of me saying every year I come to him saying there is this new machine that I just must get... which is true. Don't tell him I have started eyeing an industrial overlocker...but in their defence, they do they the job done. :)


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